Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Letter to my congressman

On Monday night, I watched both the President's address and the Republican's response.
While Mr. Obama's presentation made some sense with a reasonable, balanced and positive message, I couldn't say the same about Mr. Boehner's who,
once again, was overly negative, sounding more like a terrorist taking the nation's fiscal reputation hostage, in a reckless and irresponsible way, in order to abide by the GOP pledge of “no new taxes.” Mr. Boehner claims to be a former small-business owner, and frankly he should have stayed in that capacity instead of becoming Speaker of the House, which frankly is far beyond his competences.

  • What has happened to compromise and common-sense?
  • What has happened to a win-win approach to negotiation, our very own Mr. Covey never fails to advocate?
  • Why is the GOP bathing the country into an ocean of negativity that ends up bringing us all of down?

As an independent voter, I've had it with the despicable brand of government the House Republicans are bringing to the fore, and kindly ask you to do your share and put a stop to it and begin working in earnest with the Democrats.
Rigid ideology is just one step away from tyranny!
Thank you,

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