Friday, July 15, 2011

More time required for imagining

This is part V of our series on imagination.
One can't simply decide to work on his or her imagination at 8 in the morning and expect result by 10 am. This isn't how this precious function works.
Instead, it must be turned on all the time and ready to inspire, color our thoughts and enhance our decisions on a moment's notice (and most often when we least expect it.)

It follows us at each moment of our lives, is always plugged-in as it's alive in the background, ready to pounce when the opportunity arise. We therefore need to be attentive to its work and ready at all times to take advantage of it. It's also a reminder, as we grow older, to constantly pay attention to ourselves and to what goes on in our minds and our hearts. Any latent function demands our utmost attention and requires to be turned on at all times!

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