Sunday, July 31, 2011

Should we fear drones?

Until now, we've mostly heard about drones when the US made version killed – among others - innocent civilians in Afghanistan or Pakistan. For the most part, drones have been used to today by the military or to survey dangerous or hard to access areas, but could be used tomorrow to herd cattle or spray crops among other uses.

Yet, we should begin to be concerned about the proliferation of these little buggers that are going to invades our skies, our privacy and our might also infringe on our personal or collective security. As with mobile personal computers, technology is evolving very fast and soon we might have drones the size of humming birds or killer bees prying into our personal lives, or terrorists could get the hold of them for carrying out their nefarious attacks.

In the NPR weekend edition show, the commentator was evoking swarms of drones attacking and rekindled in me all the horrors of Hitchcock's movie, “The Birds.” He was also suggesting that the Chinese – the new “usual suspects” were betting big on the commercial development of these tiny flying machines. I think I'm going to work on building my own guard-drone – right, my flying watch dog - and don't you try to get too close from my home!

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