Saturday, July 30, 2011

Progress report

I've been discussing “learning by doing” before, and as I'm in the midst of cranking out videos, I keep on learning a lot. In the past year I'm getting close to having produced 200 clips. So creating a successful video is a lot about organizing a shoot, shooting a scene, using a tripod to the best of its abilities and shooting most of what counts by visualizing a story board as the work progresses. Picking up sound is another huge task that needs good planning, good organization and continuous checking of the quality of what's been recorded before moving on.

Of course, the big job remains editing; picking the right sequences and aligning them in some order that's artsy and flows according to plan, but it's only relatively easy if there's was a good story board, a quality shooting and a smart sound capture in the first place, because like it's said in computing: “Garbage in, garbage out!”

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