Thursday, July 28, 2011

Managing uncertainty

It's said that in life, two things are certain: Death and taxes. Uncertainty is therefore the spice of life and is what draws entrepreneurship, spirit of adventure and the greatest human achievements. You would think that in political life social-liberals are adverse to uncertainty by clinging to entitlement benefits and a secure “safety net,” while the right wing uses free-enterprise, risk-taking and fleeting economic circumstances as fertile ground for growth and success.

That's in fact not longer the case these days. Our conservative republicans are now the ones who loudly advocate “Certainty” as the essential condition for our economic survival, while they're also the ones that are painting the most depressing rhetorical background all around us, to make us feel that the end of the world is coming soon if we don't deconstruct an America's social contract that is already very thin and lagging behind developed nations.

Smart Americans should be able to see through this flawed view and deliver a powerful “pink-slip” to all those GOP members, including its extremist “Tea Party” wing, during the coming 2012 elections. If they don't, the new economic “certainty” will be that the whole of America has really become stupid and has chosen decline as its new direction.

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