Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Unclogging the Imagination path

This is part II of yesterday's blog. Our wonderful imagination is not quite as easily available as opening up a valve when we need some new and exciting inspiration. It may be open and nothing will flow out of it; instead, we need to go and grab what inside the tank after we've defined what we wanted and specified it in as many details as we can.

As I've said before, it often is hard work and the end product has to flow through a labyrinth of cynicism, biases and skepticism that we've been excellent at developing since we last were kids. The drag is in fact our own selves. We have stopped believing in our own power and we don't make it any easier for it to percolate back to us.

You might say that there's too much baggage clogging the hallways so that we can slowly walk them but never run through them! What would be ideal would be hiring the services of some “imagination sweep” that would let an unlimited supply of “good stuff” flow permanently into our tired minds, just like a chimney sweep make sure the flue is free of soot...

Reality however will probably suggest starting small by exercising our imaginary function daily, one step at a time and just mustering all the patience needed to become better at it. Re-learning to be a kid all over again is probably the best way towards unclogging that valve...

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