Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The terrorist next door

What just happened in Norway shows that horror can take place anywhere, and no culture and no advance degree in civilization is immune from the acts of some deranged people. Of course, this sad statement comes with a few caveats. These conditions act like activators or facilitators to this form of home-grown terrorism.

Extremist religion is one of these; it generally is based on literal interpretation of some holy scripture or a constitution for instance, that might have been socially relevant when they were written years ago, but are today left in the dust of evolution. Extremist religion that is made of irrational thoughts and validate them even more in the eye of the profoundly deranged...

Then there is the readily available “nefarious knowledge” like how to manufacture a powerful bomb, what makes an explosive device even more lethal or what makes a bullet even more destructive. All these highly inflammable materials are the by-product of democratic freedom and must be the price we have to pay for knowing that the “terrorist next door” can rear his ugly head, anytime, anywhere.

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