Monday, July 18, 2011


Being in our sixties can be a great place to be. Without getting into the tricky subject of emotional happiness or the fleeting nature of health conditions, let's just focus on a few “mechanical” traits like physical condition, mental capacity and experience. From age zero to the end of life, these three quantities vary enormously as we muddle along.

At first, we have zero experience and we end up getting that dimension to its maximum at the end of our lives. Physical condition doesn't quite work the same way. As babies we're feeble, as adult we become strong, but as we get into advanced age, this valuable ingredient progressively leaves us. To a certain extent, mental capacity works similarly, although less dramatically, depending on the individuals and the onset of dementia and other similar ailments.

All these considerations are to demonstrate that no matter how you cut it, being sixty-something offers the best of all worlds in terms of these three components, that is if we're still healthy and can find a good reason to be happy!

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