Sunday, July 10, 2011

Possessing “stuff” vs. experiencing

Our advertising-based society keeps on telling us to consume, to get new stuff, to get cool products, but most of the time, we end up acquiring nothing much, but inert objects that end up giving us very little satisfaction. Sometimes, these very material possessions only bring us worries and resentment, like owning boats, small airplanes or a bunch of things that eat our lives up or fill our houses and garages to the rim without showing much use at all.

The question we ought to always ask ourselves, no matter what we plan to do or intend to purchase is something like “where's the experience in this?” and “will it be well worth the price we're about to pay?” The projected nature and cost of that experience is therefore the central question we need to address before jumping into any dubious, complex or enormous acquisitions, while always remembering that in a large number of instances, the best things in life are often free!

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