Monday, July 11, 2011

Creative imagination

Are we using our imagination as well as we could or should? I don't think so. This trait is something we use a lot when we're kids, but as we grow older, we rely more and more on learned knowledge and experience, to the point that – after a long while – we end up totally ignoring that vital resource. If you have worked with it recently, you must agree that it's hard work to get its gearss back in motion and extract some useful “juice” out of it.

To me, it's not much different than putting our arms and legs to work after a long, lazy hiatus. Yet, what a treasure do we all have “under the hood” and how much could we do with it if we only made the effort; even if that attempt wasn't daily and was just “from time to time,” it probably would change the whole world as we know it. Tomorrow, I'll try to develop the subject and open up new ways to tap into that reservoir of creativity.

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