Friday, July 22, 2011

New job?

It all began as an innocent hobby, has grown on me and keeps on growing. My passion for video shots and editing has landed me a fun gig with Deer Valley Resort which I didn't take too seriously at first, but as I been immersing myself into it for a few months now, it has turned my schedule around, as aroused an intense interest I didn't suspect existed and mobilized my focus into honing new skills, refining the final product and what looked initially like “a walk in the park” feels more and more like a serious new job or an exciting burgeoning career.

I look forward to doing it every morning and find an unending source of energy in discovering new ways of accomplishing basic work and becoming much more efficient in the process. This little project is taking me by surprise and I must admit it; I'm smitten and I love that new gig!

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