Saturday, September 10, 2011

About Obama's job plan

We heard it on radio and didn't watch President Obama's speech on his new plan for creating job and were not that impressed. What we liked about it was his admonition to congress to act now instead of playing politics for another 14 month, but we thought there was no revolutionary idea in what he said that would significantly “move the needle” in these bleak times. The first thing this economy needs is a willingness from both parties to working together. We're not there yet.

We're still in the bickering phase and while Cantor and Boehner are getting concerned about the GOP painting itself into a corner and potential losses in 2012, their GOP presidential candidates are staying at the opposite end of the spectrum and are still bashing the President for everything he's done, said and intend to do. A turn-around in the Nation's economic destiny must go by a truce between our two opposing parties and has to take the form of significant concessions on the part of the right which has been following an obstructionist path since Obama was elected. Failing such a drastic change, we're in for more descent into the economic and moral abyss...

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