Thursday, September 1, 2011

Being seen at the concerts

Last night marked our last summer season concert in Park City. We'll have seen 14 of them and most were good. We've also noticed a growing number of well-grown-up ladies exhibiting themselves in view of the audience as if they were competing against the stage performers. During an entire show, they'll move around as if they has some sort of attention-deficit-disorder, ants in their pants or a combination of both. Up and down, going here and running there.
You can't miss them and this precisely is what they must have in mind. These women are generally well past their prime, look deceivingly young from the back, but after they perform a 90 or 180 degree rotation, good looks take another turn. Below the neck is mostly fine, but the face generally shows the ravage of time, under the form of high-tension face lift jobs of varying quality and stages of decay.

I don't know what possesses these ladies, but it appears that they're desperately vying for visibility, trying to capture new or future mates or make themselves a place in Park City history books. I thought we used to be digging for silver here, not gold...

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