Saturday, September 3, 2011

Denys Liboz celebration of life.

Yesterday, family and friends gathered in Tahoe City, California, to celebrate the life of Denys Liboz who left us on April 8, 2011. The event was very emotional and was a wonderful opportunity to see a lot of old friends, meet new people and get to know the vibrant French community that made Lake Tahoe its home.

In the late sixties, Denys Liboz arrived from France to China Peak, California, where he worked as a ski coach and would begin a life-long career in the ski industry and the sporting goods business. In the early seventies, he moved to Lake Tahoe and while still a coach and instructor, began to work for Look ski bindings as a race-technician attached to the US Ski Team. He loved living at the Lake, got married, purchased a home and began to grow roots in that wonderful place.

A few years later, he moved from the ski racing scene into a manufacturing rep career that would last until his illness forced him to abandon all activity. In the process and over the years, Denys has touched lots of people and has made many friends, some of whom are here today to reminisce the Denys they knew and had grown to appreciate so much...

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