Friday, September 9, 2011

Nation-building... in America!

Crossing Nevada from Utah to California (or vice-versa) can only be done in three ways: Thru I-80, the more boring and direct crossing, through Highway 50, also dubbed “the loneliest road in America” that is something most (smart) people only accomplish once in their lifetime or south, through Highway 6 that is by far the most scenic, allows 70 mph most of the way and is punctuated by only two major old mining towns, Tonopah and Ely.

Another town worth noting is McGill, located just north of Ely and this is one of these miserable-looking places that can be found in many American rural spots. McGill happens to be a census-designated place, which is a concentration of population identified by the United States Census Bureau for statistical purposes. It's a town of 1,054 people, with a median
income for household of $32,039 and more than 10% of its population below the poverty line, which means that Nation-building belongs right here; not in Afghanistan!

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