Thursday, September 15, 2011


Getting together at Lake Tahoe with a bunch of guys I had not seen for a long while was quite an experience. That's right, I hadn't seen Jean-Louis Villiot since one day of April 1975 in the town of Banff, Alberta! Now that we are a bit older, we are bringing different perspectives and have become significantly more laid-back. We have nothing to prove anymore and posturing doesn't add up to anything significant; no one will hire us anymore!
Sure, they were those who came to show off their fancy car, their cool clothes and couldn't resist telling us how well they had done in their professional career; fortunately these folks were the exception. Yet, at the end of the day, what counted was to be present, to be one's very self, to remain able and open enough to listen, smile, relax and enjoy a wonderful opportunity to reminisce the good old days, or at least what we thought they were, because today isn't so bad after all!

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