Friday, September 2, 2011

Possible, probable, verifiable, irrational?

When you wonder about religion and its tenets, it helps to follow the following check list. I'll give you a few examples and you'll get where I'm going...

Example One:
Man walking on Mars
Possible? Yes
Probable? Give it a few more years and tons of money
Verifiable? We did it a few time on the moon; that's pretty satisfactory.
Conclusion: Totally rational thought

Example Two:
Monkey typing “art” on a computer keyboard in three strokes, without prior training or learning...
Possible? Yes
Probable? One chance in 600,000 or something in that order
Verifiable? Read the infinite monkey theorem and it seems that it is
Conclusion: A stretch, but still rational

Example Three
Life after death
Possible? Not really, except in altered forms; i.e. Atoms of Carbon, among other residual matters
Probable? Not in full form
Verifiable? No one has ever come back from the dead to prove it was indeed possible
Conclusion: Totally irrational

That's it for today; draw your own conclusions and remember this is about life after death, not godly existence.

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