Sunday, September 11, 2011

What 9/11 means to me...

Ten years ago, I was alone in our Vail, Colorado, apartment when I first heard about the attack on the radio. I immediately turned on the TV and watch incredulously as the events took a turn for the worst. My first, instinctive reaction was to think “that's revenge for all the misery we've inflicted the Palestinian people...” Some might argue with that statement, but I still believe that I was spot on.
After that, we embarked into a war that still goes on in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan at a cost to us, the taxpayers, of about $3.7 trillion, killing about 225,000 individuals, not counting the injured, and creating 7.8 million refugees by the time the conflicts end, according to a recent report released by Brown University.

Was that price worth it? Absolutely not in my opinion. We should have used special forces, hunted down bin Laden and that would have been quick and fairly easy. Instead, what we did was like using a huge bulldozer to level a tiny ant-hill. It just gave Bush-Cheney a political platform and ruined our Nation. This anniversary is a sad day indeed for our Country.

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