Sunday, September 18, 2011

Africa bursting at the seams!

The other day I received that email containing a video link showing Muslims praying in Paris streets with the caption “France today and the world tomorrow!” This was obviously one of these bigoted messages that we all receive from time to time that I generally ignore. Yet, the problem isn't about an unstoppable Islam but religion in general. Consider this; today Africa's population is about 1 billion and is projected to grow to twice that number by 2050, outstripping the rest of the world's projected population growth, from 7 to 10.5 billion. One of the reasons for the “Arab spring” was youth jobs and it had less to do with the evil tyrants ruling these Arab countries than the fact there are simply too many young people for not nearly enough jobs. In addition, chronic famines have become the norm in Africa, exemplified with what's going on today in the Northeastern part of that continent.

So what are the Africans to do: Seep more and more into Europe (the easiest way) and eventually get to the rest of the developed world in the hope of sharing into its dwindling riches. And what should be done if we want to change that? Get massive birth control education and tools to Africa, before even thinking about jobs and food. That's called getting to the root of the problem instead of fighting a host of symptoms. Easy said than done, because we would have to jump over the objections of the Christian Fundamentalists and other religious factions that still believe there's plenty of space available on that planet, that also think that making more babies is the easiest way to proselyte and should never taken off the table. Perhaps these guys are still counting on the “rapture” to address overpopulation!

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