Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A bunch of bored Saudis...

I watched Trump speech before the Arab Islamic American Summit on Sunday and couldn't recognize our boastful president in the rather subdued declaration he made and his far less incendiary anti-Muslim rhetoric.

As expected, President Trump didn't have the guts to address the extremist ideology of Wahhabism, Saudi Arabia's homegrown sect embraced by ISIS. It was just another show of his horrible electoral lies.
What was equally remarkable was the body language of most of the attendance who looked bored and otherwise pretty unhappy, just like Melania Trump appeared to be, by the way.

While Donald Trump made a few suggestions among a sea of platitudes and choose to totally ignore the positive in Iran's Rouhani's reelection, I wondered what the 9/11 families were thinking as their president was cowing to the very nation that supplied most of the terrorists that attacked our country more than 15 years ago...

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