Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hollande and Macron

I'm delighted that the French people have a new president and that he's both young and smart. I think he'll do at last as good a job as his predecessor, François Hollande.

This said, I've never liked the way Emmanuel Macron came across with his seemingly calculated choice of words and staged body language; that's caming to me as too well-rehearsed and too-well researched acting.

My overwhelming sense is that Macron is a creature invented by Hollande to avenge himself from his rather humiliating presidency in which his own Socialist party discredited him and left him to hang out dry.

To me, Macron is the by-product of what could be that long-planned vengeance by Hollande addressed to the entire French populace. No matter how you look at it, Emmanuel Hollande or François Macron, the more things will change, the more they'll stay the same!

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