Friday, May 19, 2017


Sixty years ago, the Annecy's Bishop, Auguste Cesbron, came to my village, in the French Alps, to confirm me along with a bunch of local kids.

For those who don't know any better, Confirmation is the sacrament by which Catholics receive a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit. That way, the Holy Spirit gave me the increased ability to soak my whole life into Catholic faith and to witness Christ in every situation.

I probably needed it an awful lot, because my faith was stuck in first gear and both the sacrament and the Bishop's best efforts were unable to get me up to speed.

Granted, I was an Altar Boy, but truth be told, I performed the job because it got me a free subscription to “Fripounet & Marisette”, a catholic cartoon magazine for kids, my only entertainment besides homework and home chores.

My religious practice amounted to fear (capital sins, confession, hell plus the rest), work (replying in Latin, ringing the bell, pouring the wine) and plenty of laughter as shown on the photograph (through pranks played along with my colleagues...)

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