Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Forty years in America!

Just four decades ago, on Monday, May 2, 1977, we left our new house in the French Alps, along with our antique Citroën and more than a quarter-century each of culture and memories, to move to America.

When we landed at Kennedy Airport, a limo was waiting for us to take us to the Elmsford Ramada Inn, 45 minutes to the north. We got very little in terms of support from my French employer and had to fend for ourselves from day one.

So, it's been often a tough, rough road and many, many years attending the “University of Hard-Knocks” especially in the early years. Today, the harsh learning curve is well behind us, we have no regrets anymore and are celebrating this important milestone.

Do we miss France? Just a little bit, but not enough to make us return for good!

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