Friday, May 12, 2017

Do I miss France?

If I didn't have this question asked from me half of the time I meet someone new, I probably never have. This question is a gem and my answer has always ran the gamut.

This said, it shouldn't, because less than a month ago as we were visiting the Arizona side of the Grand Canyon National Park we found out that half of France was hiking alongside the edge of this wonder of nature.

That's true, they were more French tourists than Americans, Chinese and the rest of the world combined! So, the answer to the question we keep on getting is simple: When we feel a little homesick we just have to drive to one of the National Parks that surround us and we'll find plenty of French company.
Oh, they're easy to spot. Most men all wear a “Route 66” cap, a fly fishing vest open on some t-shirt all written up in English and mid-calf pants...

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