Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Special, resting places

My wife and I have always been fond of American cemeteries. Unlike their French counterpart that are always stern, if not sinister looking, American resting places feel just like a park, with much more greenery and flowers than monuments and even the later offer much more variety and not all of them take themselves too seriously.

Some tombstones are just snowboards, skis or benches, but maybe this is the fun-oriented side of Park City showing. This past weekend, when it's time to celebrate Memorial Day, American cemeteries are at their best and lots of people come to tidy the tombs up and visit.
Last night as we were strolling by one of the two Park City's cemeteries, we saw a group of people sharing a picnic next to their relative or friend that was laying there. This where I want to rest when I'm done skiing !

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