Monday, May 8, 2017

Mini, Micro, Maxi, Macron!

Well, I'm proud of my countrymen for rejecting Le Pen's extremist views, voting overwhelmingly against her and, in the process, elevating a brand new Macron to the top job.

From big to small, this guy really runs the whole dimensional gamut; he spent a minimum amount of time in politics and in life (so far), was maximally lucky to see Fillon crash and burn.

While barely able to use a microphone to utter intelligent sentences, Macron saw his command of macro-economics triumph over Marine Le Pen, when she stumbled over the ECU, the Euro and a re-minted Franc.

Emmanuel Macron must know God on a first name basis to have such a luck and in all honesty, won't do much worse than François Hollande over the next five years!

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