Sunday, May 14, 2017

Frankenstein and the Creature

Last night we tried to watch “Get Me Roger Stone” until we couldn't stand it anymore and stopped 82% into it.

This is a documentary about the evil man who claims to have manufactured Donald Trump. If you want to throw up, commit suicide or even murder, I recommend that you watch this flick.

While Roger Stone claims to be an “agent provocateur,” he truly is a living piece of crap, just like his creation. It's a lesson in immorality, one that show hows to manipulate the 62 million gullible Americans who voted for the New York real estate developer.

I wish all these “deplorables” watch it too and perhaps understand how they were taken advantage of, if their limited intellect ever allowed them to be that self-critical.

I also pray that Pope Francis sees the movie before Trump stops at the Vatican for tea, next time he's in Rome. His Holiness will see the real face of the anti-Christ in Stone's creation and might be less than charitable with his celebrity-guest!

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