Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Obama is cashing in...

I voted twice for Barack Obama and gave money to fuel his grass-root campaign. From the get-go, Obama said he stood for the “little guy” and I believe him wholeheartedly.

Today, after he signed a $60 million book deal and gave a few speeches at $400,000 a piece, I would like him to do more than make a token, $2 million donation. He's already made plenty with his first two books and now, with his $400,000 a year pension plus perks, he has enough!

I expect him to give all of his windfall profits to a good cause, and why not to revive a moribund Democratic Party who needs all the help it can have.

He should now walk the talk and show some respect to his small 2012 donors that gave on average $54.94 to see him re-elected. To them, it amounts to a slap in the face.

Will I ever give again to a Democratic candidate? Only if and when Obama agrees to pass through his future earnings.

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