Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy in Hell, Miserable in Heaven...

I've never been a big fan of Heaven. From what has been described to me of that place, it sounds like a boring spot where its occupants are consumed into dumb happiness, contemplation and idleness. Not my kind of scene. I prefer action, I love live and I want to get somewhere all the time. I have therefore come to the conclusion that heaven would be the end of me and is probably not a good place for me to visit. Hell instead is the location where – I hope – all my good friends will eventually regroup and together, we will have – what else – a hell of a good time!

I'm not making that up; folks who live in idyllic place often grow restless, dissatisfied and are inviting psychological problems.
This may sound masochistic, but look no further than California for some abundant examples of people hitting the deep end and behaving very strangely. Conversely, those living in harsh, difficult environment tend to grow into real “mensch”, so that why I believe in the danger of heaven and the formative virtue of hell, but, hey, you may disagree with that!

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