Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Facebook daily dose

It's been almost three years that I actively participate into Facebook and enjoy the medium. It's true that among my 300 or so “friends,” only ten percent (if that) do ninety percent of the posting, but that's alright with me. That leaves the rest silent spectators (some might call them “voyeurs”) or those just ignoring what goes on inside that busy universe.

It keeps me in close touch with people I know and appreciate, plus gives me a forum of sorts when I feel strongly about an event, a cause or when I want to share something I care about with that community. It also stimulates my thinking, feeds my creativity and make my life that more interesting. In spite of all the negative comments that circulates about Facebook, I keep on liking it, must admit that my community of friend seems to use the tool responsibly and I find it as positive experience!

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