Monday, May 17, 2010

The challenging life

The more complex or existence becomes, the more problems seem prone to pop up at any moment, and since we live in a world that is getting tighter with its growing population and its “just in time” approach in the way it operates and it's constructed, there appear to be less “give” and flexibility built into the system to absorbs the bumps and the pot-holes that normally pepper the roadways of life. A crisis in Greece sends tremors on Wall Street, a spill in the Gulf of Mexico replaces energy policy front and center and a volcanic eruption bankrupts the airline industry.
All this sends a signal that future misbehavior even by our most tiniest neighbors are likely to be felt by all of us. Yes, the earthly “bus” is full and with no more elbow-room any wrong gesture from just one single passenger will suffice to make everyone nervous and create chaos. Some say that a global harmonization of rules, exchanges and behavior is the next change we must now prepare for. Does that mean that there's even more homogenization in our future for all of us to move into an increasingly crowded and unbreathable future?

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