Saturday, May 22, 2010

The day I fired God...

Believe it or not, I did not fire God from my life because I was mad or had a particularly bad day. From the start, the situation between us never was perfect. I frankly could never be enthused or convinced by this associate; I kept on questioning our relationship because my family was constantly putting pressure on me, because God came with my cultural heritage and was to a great extent part of my early social life. I also kept him, because I was bribed through trinkets and benefits, albeit of insignificant value. I think what really took our relationship south was the bunch of contradictions that had become a daily occurrence, the cycle of kindness and violence and also many folks around me that were virulent in their critics.
What's remarkable is that I let the situation deteriorate over a long period of years. One day, some thirty years ago, I gradually became agnostic and a long time later, that ambivalent condition evolved in full-blown atheism. I'm sure this evolution was some by-product of living near the Mormon's Holy City of Salt Lake as it would have happened if I had lived in Rome, Atlanta, Jerusalem or Tehran. It finally was only a few years ago when I cut loose with God, without much explanation, Cobra or severance package. I was amazed to be making such a clean cut and said to myself as we always think in these situations “I should have done it a long time ago...”

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