Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The test of pain...

On Sunday morning, in celebration of our lousy, wintry weather, I had no better idea than plunging into the world of acute back pain, also known as “lumbago.” It came out of nowhere and for no apparent reason. The feeling was unique in the sense that I could no longer sit down, stand up or lay down without incredible difficulties and horrible pain. As anyone does nowadays, I researched the ailment on the internet and by matching the symptoms to a condition, I was able to come up with a home-made diagnostic that satisfied me alright but didn't get rid of the excruciating suffering.

After I booked an appointment for this Tuesday with a Pain Management, Physiatrist – Yeah, there must be such an occupation! - I decided in the meantime to try acupuncture with our local Chinese specialist Dr. Ding, which I underwent in the afternoon; I never had it before. When I stepped into his busy office, I was coincidentally starting to feel somewhat better.

The session made me feel just a tiny tad better. I also checked Wikipedia which provided me with the mixed overview of the age-old technique and showed that its “proven” results were few and far between. Depending on my progress, I may cancel the traditional doctor and do one more session with Dr. Ding. I've read (and I hope) that this acute back pain is said to go away as mysteriously as it comes. At least, that experience will have made me appreciate even more how lucky we are when we're perfectly healthy!

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