Monday, May 24, 2010

Europeans unite!

It's clear that Europe has a big debt problem, won't be able to afford its regal social benefits for much longer and will have to make some very painful cuts into the benefits, the services and the overall comfort it provides its population. Like anywhere else, what should be done is clear, but highly unpopular and very tricky for the political class to set in motion.

Recently, Angela Merkel choose to go alone with a number of measures that might give her some temporary political relief from her constituents but her unilateralism is tearing apart European unity; also, what she's been focusing on is placing the blame on the speculators that are shorting the Euro. To do what needs to be done and effect the big surgical cuts that can help, European leaders must act in concert and show their electorate that there are absolutely no other ways to dealing with the current and evolving credit situation than by making huge sacrifices and that it will have to happen in concert within all the other European countries; something like applying the “everyone else does it” logic that is so popular with teenagers.

Short of that, and it European Leaders want to continue with measures that are “too little, too late,” nothing effective will be done and the entire continent will continue to move closer to the cliff...

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