Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pursuing a priority

We all have different priorities at different times. Some are more pleasant than others and therefore much easier to focus on and bring to a positive term. Some can have a huge impact into our lives while many are just trivial and barely worth mentioning. Some can also be handled expeditiously while the execution of others seems to take forever. Finally, these important objectives we set may sometimes appear totally vain or gratuitous.

Yet, whatever the reasons, a priority should remain a priority and the way we approach it should be disciplined and systematic to eventually address it once and for all. I've been wrestling with one single priority for more than a year, with tons of ups and downs, spurs of enthusiasm, waves of disappointments, while expanding a great deal of attention and energy, unfortunately without any positive result to show for all that effort. So what's the offshoot of all this work? This priority remains in my book as my number one and I remain confident that I will make it happen sooner than later. It has become my largest focal point and is now mobilizing all of my attention. I'm re-channeling my frustration into it and turning it into that daring bet and fierce peak to climb as another way to challenge myself...

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