Thursday, May 27, 2010

Keeping a strong mental attitude

When things are not going the way we'd like them to go, when bad luck piles up and when we believe we're being targeted by some dark force, it's really hard to maintain a positive outlook on things, on people and on life.
Yet, this is in these times that staying on the sunny side of the issues becomes essential. This is especially hard to harness as it requires us to overcome a sea of gloom and stick to our true values. In this realm, self-pity has no place and we can only count upon ourselves. Perhaps this suggests that when the going gets tough, we must go beyond our negative environment, focus more than ever on our core beliefs and stubbornly stay the course. A solitary path, once more, but who ever suggested that going through life wasn't essentially so?

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William Bocq said...

...there is also the fact that when you are up your butts in alligators, it is sometimes difficult to remember that the objective was to drain the swamp (or so a Cajun friend told me).