Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Albino chanterelles?

Today, I decided to go mushroom hunting for the first time this season. At about mid afternoon, I boarded the Canyons gondola and began my frantic search for these rare delicacies in Utah. This past spring and early summer have been so wet that I thought I would be damned if I couldn't find a few of these little guys. Right off the bat, I found a few, tiny, all fresh ceps and went on up the hill. After more than one hour I only found one other lonely cep and I had to turn around to catch the last gondola that was leaving at 5 pm.

On my way down, my eyes still were scanning like crazy and I spotted a few lactaires and as I was getting close to the gondola, I stumble upon some mushrooms that looked exactly like chanterelles and were all white instead of golden! I picked them and later when I returned home, I checked what these oddities were and found out that it was a north American variation of the classic chanterelle that can be found in the Pacific Northwest and California (plus today, in Utah of course!)

That chanterelle is called the Cantharellus subalbidus if you want to know everything, in comparison to the Cantharellus formosus or Cantharellus cibarius (the golden variety.) This albino version is considered even tastier than the golden one. We'll see and I'll let you know.

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