Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back-to-school blue

Yesterday was back-to-school day all over Park City and I tried to remember how it felt to begin a new school year, sometimes get some new clothes, walk into stiff new shoes and show off a new notebook, a few pen and pencils. It was a sense of rebirth, of renewal and for me – who most of the time was a lackluster student – a providential opportunity for a second chance; a bit like a convict would feel as his sentence were suspended.

Even when I try hard, I can't think of much fear or worries crossing my mind on that day of new beginnings. My hopes were high, my intentions pure and surprisingly good; yet, generally that adrenaline surge petered out a week or so later. But as short as it lasted, that feeling of starting again was wonderful and I hardly could rediscover it when I began new jobs; by that time, my innocence was gone, my cynicism growing and my apprehensions omnipresent. Boy, do I regret these back to school days!

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