Monday, August 15, 2011

A glance into afterlife (Part 4)...

If you happen to see this series for the first time, begin your reading on August 10.

Today, we'll travel “south” to Hell. As you might expect, this is a very busy place, quite noisy too and super hot. Occupants who return to their senses in that particular spot are rarely surprised. Most were expecting it to be their final destination anyway so they don't seem shocked or traumatized, one can even read on their expression a natural eagerness to find out how they can cope with the place, and more often than not, how they'll beat the system. To begin with, the place is dark, cavernous and looks more like a coal mine than a resort for those who've misbehaved in excess. Plenty of areas where you can hide, plot or just do bad, out of the guards' view. There's even a form of feisty energy that permeates the air... Here, nothing is as smooth, well ordained and predictable as in Heaven.

Chaos seems to be part and parcel of that busy place. You'll see a similar scene in terms of age and physical condition of the guests, but you'll hear them screaming out of their lungs or at least complaining or swearing all the time. If you are interested in seeing next of kin, you'll do it fairly easy and generally those friends or family who have been there before you will prove to be quite helpful, loquacious and ready to offer a crash course in daily survival.

The problem is that people landing in that place are constantly harassed by demons and seem to have very little time free for themselves. It's not that any kind of work is required, but everyone is always picked on and hurt physically or mentally. The key is to be able to hide, organize, survive without being bothered and create a space that is liveable and interesting. Think of it as a forever-work-in-progess. No too bad for a first impression and we'll return to explore it more completely...

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