Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where's Muammar Gaddafi?

Yesterday, I had nothing to better do and the “rebels” asked me to watch Gaddafi for a while, as they were storming his stronghold. I said okay. He seemed quite composed and suddenly asked me if I minded if he went out just five minute to buy a new pair of large Courrèges sunglasses. I said “fine, but don't be late returning or don't get distracted by the Slavic nurses that you might see in the store.”

With what's going on these days in Tripoli, one could understand. At 6 pm he had not showed up yet and the rebels looked pretty upset at me. I personally know he'll return and I assume that he stopped by R.E.I. to check out their shipment of new tents. He always loved tents. I know, deep inside, Muammar is a good guy, if only NATO and the rebels gave the man a little bit of slack!

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