Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Influencing the political world?

I'm not a fearful person, but the only danger category that really spooks me are my American politicians. Up until recently, I thought they were just incompetent, but now I've found out that they're equally as dangerous. Their recent idiotic posturing on the debt ceiling negotiations (I'm pointing my finger at the “extreme-right” Tea Party members and their fellow Republicans) has been costly to the Nation and to all of us in terms of Market lost valuation over the past few days.
There is no question that these individuals (my two senators and my House representative) don't deserve to be sent to Washington for another term and should be voted out as soon as possible. Their “no new taxes” mantra pales in meaning against the trillion of dollars they've just cost the Nation and the citizens they're supposed to represent. It's clearer to me than ever before that we need pragmatic negotiators and not ideologues.

The extreme-right, the Tea Party or the Religious Right can all pack up and leave the Country as far as I am concerned, and join the ranks of the Talibans that are about as bone-headed as the majority of Congress has become. With that in mind, I'm wracking mine to find a way to communicating my disgust at that situation and make every American understand that the longer these fellows stay in power, the more we'll be exposed to extreme danger!

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