Thursday, August 18, 2011

Too much of a good thing?

In the summer, Park City turns into concert town USA, mostly through the efforts of a non-profit called Mountain Town Music that inundate the community with free concerts and wants to turn Park City into the Austin of the Rocky Mountains. Out of the lot, many of these bands that play are excellent, some are so-so and a few are bad. That how things work when the law of large numbers comes into the equation.

We enjoy going at these concerts as well as attending a few paying ones with bigger names and heightened expectations; yet, we've found that some of these touring stars are sometime no better than an unknown local band that performs well with a public, knows how to work up a crowd and makes up for a memorable and participative concert. There is also a danger in having too many “free” things. We end up not valuing them enough and appreciation drops considerably. We say good things come into small packages and after being offered a plethora of entertainment, audiences often get an indigestion!

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