Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Who paid Strauss-Kahn ransom?

When a French citizen is held hostage, it's quite usual, that in the end, the French government pays the ransom and, voila, the poor individual is suddenly free. Since the innocent Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been held hostage by the New-York thugs, I was praying every night that the Almighty would push Nicolas Sarkozy to open up the French purse strings and get his prodigal son safe and sound back to France, but nothing happened.

The poor old man was likely to be marooned forever in America. Then, his good wife, who still believe she can be France's First Lady, did what it took to convince her New-York hometown buddies to pull whatever string they could find or imagine to get her hubby back to France, I guess with still plenty of fierce ants inside his pants; what else! So next time, you're held hostage anywhere, make sure to call Anne Sinclair first. She's got more money than France, Germany and the United States combined and if you can help her get what she wants, she'll call on her friends and you'll be okay!

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