Saturday, August 27, 2011


The bright spotlight recently focused on Steve Jobs is totally well-deserved and honors the few human beings that have stuck their neck out, creating products and concepts out of almost nothing, taking huge risks for the sake of churning up innovation we can all use and enjoy.

These bright individuals have been doing more than just managing or exceeding expectations: They've anticipated them, which isn't an easy task and requires an imagination, an inquisitive mind plus a careful observation and understanding of what's around us. They break tired paradigms by inventing new ones and like no others, they stand constantly into other people shoes! This type of folks whether they're Steve Jobs or Georges Salomon in the teeny-weeny ski industry, are constantly searching for what's hiding behind the future's blind corner and are creating the never-seen-before.

They are the antithesis of the mediocre people that surround us, starting with politicians and other “greedy,” exploitative and unimaginative business people that are in full reaction mode, all the time. Makes me say that the “creative” vanguard is the strict opposite of the “extractive” old-boys-club that rapes the earth. We all know too many of these forgettable human beings and for the good of humanity and a better tomorrow, we need a lot more of the visionary kind!

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