Saturday, August 13, 2011

A glance into afterlife (Part 3)...

If you happen to see this series for the first time, begin your reading on August 10.

Today, we'll explore Heaven. We assume that you've just passed away and after all the special effect (the tunnel, the light, etc.) you've been extremely lucky and able to shave enough points to be eligible for a coveted, eternal spot, in Paradise.

Your first reaction might be to seek to see your family members and friends that have left earth before you did and catch up with them. Okay, the place is quite intimidating; it's flooded with light, very white, ultra-spacious and mostly filled with old and limping folks seemingly deeply lost into their own contemplation. You first get a sense that you don't quite belong there (and after all, you might be perfectly right!) You ask for directions, inquire about some names you are most interested about. Some haven't made it there, and you soon figure out they must be in that “other place,” and when you see individual dear to you, they don't go out of their way to give you a bear hug; they'll tell you “Gee, you look old now!” and that's about it.

Then they'll just welcome you with aloofness, perhaps asking you “how was your transfer?” give you a few pointers before returning to their contemplation. That's actually what all people seem to do at that level. They marvel in the sights of God, his Son and the Holly Ghost. Soon, you locate the famous characters and become enthralled by their mere sight and this is likely to last forever. So you've got your entertainment and all your needs are filled; you won't need bungee-jumping or fast-car racing anymore to get the flow of adrenaline going, you simply stare at what's going on and it's guaranteed to work forever.
Soon you discover that any interaction among your peers is insignificant and basically nonexistent. You're now eternally lost into contemplation; talk about variety! This is probably why you won't find me forever marooned in that place if I can help it, but on the other hand, this might also be your never-ending cup of tea!

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