Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hollyhock season

You might call them weeds as they appear to behave like such in the way these flowers reproduced themselves, seem to grow totally carefree and appear to love Utah's high desert, dry weather. Since the beginning of the month our hollyhocks have been in full bloom with their flowers varying widely in their coloration from dark purple, to red and all the way to white.

We let them grow along our fence upon which I have engineered a clever way of retaining them in case of raging wind or sudden and violent rainstorm. That particular location is where they're allowed to reproduce with their large, flat coin-shaped seeds that seem to grow easily wherever they drop. I'm told that an individual plant might only live a handful of years, but by that time, chances are good it will leave plenty of offspring, so I'm not worried of running out of hollyhocks...

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