Monday, August 29, 2011

The art of weeding

Year in, year out, we spend quite a bit of time weeding our garden. It's not like it rains too much, it's more because the weather is too dry in the summer and we don't water our lawn. The result is simple and predictable, as soon as our lawn turns temporarily yellow, weeds invade in large numbers and while I can't tell you the name of these pesky creatures with their long roots that suck up all water in sight, I can see them well. Last week, my wife convinced me that it was time to taking action and acting we did.
Kneeling on the ground and armed with one of the simplest garden tool tool ever created, we're prying these invading intruders out of existence, or at least we think we are! If you aren't yet into meditation, yoga or any other mind-stabilizing program, I recommend weeding. With it, time flies, any cerebral activity stops and very soon it's pure mental relaxation. Nirvana? I've not reached that stage yet, but I do reward myself with a cool beer, when my legs and back ache too much and when I consider that I'm done for the day...

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