Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A glance into afterlife...

If you believe in afterlife, how do you picture it? It's not that I'm a believer in life after death, but I find the idea entertaining and, based on my religious upbringing, I will try today to describe how I see that state if it ever was to be. So read on and let's have some fun with it!

My first question of course is what will be our resurrection age? By this I mean that if you die at 55 will you resurrect as a 25 years old or precisely a person already aged 55 as we should? My sense is that we'll resurrect at the age we reached when we died, so get prepared to see crowds of old folks wherever you'll end up, be it paradise or hell. My next question is about our state of repair; in other words if we died bald, will our hair grow back as we get to the other side? If we have a prosthetic leg, will we regain a natural one? If we have a bad joint, will it be fully functional again? My bet is that you won't get anything fixed, so better get that artificial hip, right here and now, before you departure time.

The next topic that comes to mind is clothing. Are we going to get a gown or will we just be all naked? My bet is that with the intense heat of Hell and the smooth climate control in Heaven, we'll won't have to worry about designer's jeans. Given the prevalence of old people in the thereafter, it's not going to be that nice a sight. Are we going to still eat and drink as we pass the threshold? I don't think so, as there would be far too many of us to satisfy; our celestial bodies would be set forever without any need for replenishing or growing; what we have on entrance day is what we'll keep.

The same is likely to hold true about sex life. None of the crucial points of contacts is likely to remain functional and libido will be a figment of our earthly past. So as you see it, so far, not so good. Don't get discouraged yet; we'll delve deeper into that subject in upcoming blogs.

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