Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another idea for Haiti

Back on May 14 and 15, I was voicing some suggestions about what to do to turn Haiti around. Today, as everyone is marking the 6th month anniversary of the disaster and assessing the situation, progress still seems few and far between and the main conclusions appear to be on Haiti government powerlessness and donor nations paying lip service to their pledges. This is where my new idea comes into play. I would divvy up the country between all these nations based on their economic size and early aid commitment, have each one take the lead in their assigned area, thus creating a healthy emulation among them; namely which one would clear its share of rubble faster, involved and employ the greatest number of Haitians, do it in the most sustainable and effective ways, etc.

NGOs would continue their work and ideally coordinate them better with these multinational “centers of excellence.” Every six month or so, a status report would be issued comparing the efforts, outlining ideas that work best, generating “best practices” and the rebuilding process would go on. Instead of spending national pride and capital on stupid athletic events such as the Olympics and world championships of all kinds, this would be a much more constructive way to get things moving in a country that appears to be stuck into inaction. Any comments?

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