Sunday, July 4, 2010

More careful – Part II

On April 21, I wrote my blog on the importance of being more careful when I go out and about, skiing, mountain biking and having all sorts of fun. Not so long ago, I used to be a risk-hungry “animal” and today, I've suddenly begun to becoming much tamer. Ski and even bathroom accidents (yeah, if you can believe that!) as well as a capricious back have given me more good reasons to embrace physical risk with more caution.

Three days later after I wrote that piece, I also heard that my good friend François Feuz was victim of a freak, life-changing fall while skiing, and this event brought the “danger sign” even much closer to home. Today, I increasingly realize that with my time on this planet shrinking day by day, my remaining time becomes increasingly precious – what am I writing, priceless! - so it's now up to me to become especially kind with that good body of mine that has taking me that far and so comfortably into a wonderful life experience.

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